The Token
Derivation Engine

Itos is a Defi Primitive for creating 100% On-chain, Vault-free Token Derivatives. Our suite of protocols is the latest in Web3 financial engineering.

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The First Itos Derivatives

Our Next Gen Protocols

Hybrid LPs

Hedged Liquidity Provisioning, Synthetic Options and more. LP safer, smarter, and more profitably than ever before.

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The first liquidation-free money market also accepts any token as collateral and lends any token.

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The Extreme Leverage Market-Making Optimizer offers over 100x leverage on truly degen LPs. Earn a year's worth of yield in a day.

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Smarter Liquidity Providers

The Advantages of Itos Liquidity

Liquidity Providers are the Lifeblood of Itos.
So we're arming them with every advantage in the book.

Supports All Tokens

No matter which tokens you're eyeing, our Permissionless Contracts will support pools and markets for it.

Shared Liquidity Nexus

Itos liquidity is shared among its protocols meaning liquidity is always utilized and LPers earn more with consistency.

Simultaneous Income

Itos Liquidity Providers earn trading fees and lending fees at the same time.

Track Your Performance

Smart Investing starts from good data. We'll track your performance and silo strategies for you.

Hedge Your Risks

Guard against rugs, depegs, bears, bottoms, FOMO and more with the easiest and cheapest hedges on chain.

Mobile Interface

Coming soon. Stay up to date on the go.

Itos Platform Features

Integrated Portfolio Management

Full-Featured Portfolio Management

Portfolio performance tracking so you get honest PnL reports.

Automatic debt clearing avoids unnecessary liquidations.

Independent Risk-Silos for so you can segregate strategies.

Position sharing so you can build your investment brand.

Our Mission

Traditional finance builds walled-gardens based on wealth and privilege. They argue most of finance is simply too complicated to let every day users access. We believe that's glaringly false and people should be able to make that choice for themselves.

So we're drawing the well of traditional financial knowledge to build the most advanced and intuitive De-Fi financial engineering to date. And occasionally, we'll build something just for fun, because what's life without a little color.

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